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Coworking Spaces in Nashville

March 13th, 2018, Nashville, Tennessee–Coworking is one of the biggest trends in the professional world right now. Nashville is one of the many cities where entrepreneurs and industry professionals are shaping a new normal to what our workplace environment looks like. The traditional workplace environment is becoming transformed in a collaborative community and many other entrepreneurs have taken notice and started their very own coworking company, just like us.

We at InDo Nashville are located between Music Row, The Gulch and downtown, in the heart of SoBro and we our consistently asked about other coworking spaces and competitors in the surrounding area. We value our customers and want for them to be thoroughly informed. Here is a list of some of the local companies that offer coworking spaces in the Nashville area.

  1. Refinery Nashville

Locally owned and operated, Refinery Nashville is located in the Chestnut Hill area close to Dubly Park. They are a community of entrepreneurs and innovators with four membership options: drop-in, part-time, full-time, and a reserved desk. Some of their amenities include free WiFi, printers & office supplies, parking spaces for bikes & cars, and free coffee & tea.

  1. Center 615

Center 615 is located in the Historic Edgefield area close to the Nissan Stadium. They provide a campus-like lifestyle with three different buildings that contain coworking spaces, conference rooms, and suite-styled office spaces. The two membership options for coworking are a drifter desk or a designated desk. Some of their amenities include lounge areas, parking, phone booths, free WiFi, coffee & tea and more.

  1. Deavor

Locally owned and operated, Deavor is located near the Buena Vista and Downtown area. They have three membership levels for coworking which are flex, shared and premium. Some of their amenities include coffee & water, printing, free WiFi, free parking, meeting room access and more.

  1. WELD

WELD is located between Melrose and South Nashville. WELD specializes in the community of photographers and filmmakers. Membership options include the Welder (the traditional coworking membership), the dedicated desk, and the Supercube. Their amenities include access to their photography equipment and studios, unlimited coffee, WiFi, free parking, kitchen access and more.

  1. The Circle at Razor & Tie

Having been around for about 3 years, The Circle at Razor & Tie is located in the Gulch area. Memberships include a weeklong trail, full time, team membership and out of towner. Some of their amenities include free WiFi, a kitchenette, printers & copiers, lounge areas, a coffee bar, and more.

  1. E Spaces

E Spaces has two location in the Nashville area, one in Belle Meade and one in Cool Springs. They have a concentrated community of corporate professionals. Their amenities include free WiFi, an outdoor balcony, unlimited black & white printing, phone booths, Starbucks coffee and more.

If you would like to learn more about our coworking spaces here at InDo Nashville then you can contact us at (615) 656-0077 to plan a visit.

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