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Veterans Impact Radio Show Has Life-Changing Program Recorded at InDo Nashville

Veterans Impact Radio Show


Mid-Tennessee Veterans Host “Veterans Impact” Radio Show and Podcast Helping Veterans and Their Families in Civilian Life
Life-Changing Program Recorded at InDo Nashville
December 9, 2015, Nashville, TN – The Veterans Impact Radio Show and Podcast is a resource for our military veterans and their families that provides a much needed roadmap for navigating post-combat civilian life. Created in middle-Tennessee by Iraq and Afghanistan United States Marine Corps veteran Matthew O’Dell and co-hosted by Afghanistan United States Marines Corps veteran Zachary Bell, the program helps inform our nation’s heros on the best practices for reintegration back into their communities after military service.  The program, which focuses on health, finance and community, is recorded in Middle Tennessee at InDo Nashville, and is available worldwide via the website (www.veteransimpact.com), and as a podcast on iTunes and Stitcher.  
Recent Guests: 
-American Born Moonshine co-founder and Marine Corps Veteran, who served as a captain in Iraq, Sean Koffel  
-6th Degree Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor and founder of V-Mat (Veteran’s Martial Arts Training), Scott Lombard
-Marine Corps veteran and founder of veterans’ entrepreneur center The Bunker Labs, Blake Hogan

Topics Covered:

Veterans have a difficult time transitioning after service. Some experience a wide array of issues stemming from their military service, everything from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), to physical disabilities and/or brain injury.

The program provides advice to veterans on employment, debt reduction and finding the services of investment advisors.

Military veterans are searching for relationships. The program helps communities learn how to provide a safe and welcoming environment that gives veteran families activities in which they can engage, allowing them to establish a new home.   
About The Hosts:

Matthew O’Dell
Executive Producer | Creator | Co-Host

Matthew O’Dell has served his country in support of both Operation Iraq Freedom, as well as Operation Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan and now serves his veterans as a resource in Tennessee. Since his return from Afghanistan in 2012, he continues to dedicate tireless hours searching for support and resources for veterans and their families. Matthew founded Reveille Joe Coffee Company in Murfreesboro, as a place for the civilian community and veterans to interact for the soul purpose of building a mentorship-type atmosphere that will help veterans in their transition process.  He created the “22: TOO MANY Campaign” which raises awareness on veteran suicide and homelessness.  O’Dell is the CEO of “The Reveille Joe Foundation,” a veteran-centric organization dedicated to incorporating the strengths of various non-profit entities creating partnerships for veterans’ success.

Zachary Bell
Content Director | Co-Host

Zachary Bell served four years in the United States Marines Corps as an infantry rifleman with First Battalion, Sixth Marine Regiment. He deployed to Garmsir, Afghanistan from March to July 2008, and to Marja, Afghanistan from December 2009 to July 2010. He was combat-meritoriously promoted to corporal and held the billet of infantry squad leader. Zachary departed active duty in February 2011 at the rank of sergeant. Bell earned his undergraduate degree in the fall of 2014, and is currently at Lipscomb University working on his MBA. His writing has been published in both The New York Times: At War blog and the Huffington Post. He currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee where he engages the local community to foster awareness about military issues and working with various different Veteran Organizations in order to help all those who have served. Bell is married and has two daughters.  

Find out more at www.veteransimpact.com.

Subscribe to the Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/veterans-impact-radio-show/id1003358432?mt=2

Available on Stitcher.com: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/veterans-impact-radio-show
InDo Nashville
Left to Right:  Zachary Bell and Matthew O’Dell, hosts of Veterans Impact
Veterans Impact

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